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Do you realize that there are certain things that you should never say to your manager? What you say could actually cost you your job. Although negative thoughts may cross your mind periodically, donÂ’t let the temptation overrule your ability to refrain from speaking it.
Published by Donata L. 95 months ago in Office Relationships & Politics | +48 votes | 19 comments
Nowadays itÂ’s not uncommon to find adults 30 years and older returning to school. Unquestionably, more adults are finding it necessary to return to school today in order to stay competitive in the job market.
Published by Donata L. 96 months ago in Careers | +43 votes | 17 comments
Unemployment is a major cause of boredom to unemployed people. For some, employment and money are source of power, security, and social stature.
Published by Simplyoj (Joy L. Carnay) 108 months ago in Unemployment | +41 votes | 6 comments
Employees need to realize the importance of working well with their teammates when coming into a new job or an existing one. A team player is more valuable to the company than an individual who chooses to be uncooperative.
Published by Donata L. 91 months ago in Office Relationships & Politics | +40 votes | 17 comments
Nowadays, community colleges are filled to the capacity with students who are eager to complete their educational requirements/and or earn an associates degree.
Published by Donata L. 92 months ago in College & College Life | +39 votes | 11 comments
There are certain things that can surely annoy employees in the workplace at all levels and from every job industry. Everyone has worked with someone who has done something to really get on your nerves at one time or another.
Published by Donata L. 91 months ago in Office Relationships & Politics | +37 votes | 22 comments
Many job seekers are finding it rather difficult to snag a permanent job opportunity due to the slow down in the economy. However, you can help turn a temporary job opportunity into a permanent vocation.
Published by Donata L. 92 months ago in Job Searching | +37 votes | 15 comments
Are you looking for a Job? Before you accept a job offer from any company you should do a thorough investigation on the company beforehand to determine whether or not this is the right job and industry for you.
Published by Donata L. 98 months ago in Careers | +37 votes | 17 comments
Wait! Before you hit the send button on your email at work, read the content over thoroughly. This is to ensure that the recipient(s) will not perceive your message as offensive, incomprehensible, unprofessional, or in bad taste- even if this was not your intention.
Published by Donata L. 94 months ago in Office Relationships & Politics | +36 votes | 12 comments
More and more crimes have been reported on college campuses and the immediate surroundings. will need to take extra precautions about where you go and whom you allow into your personal space.
Published by Donata L. 97 months ago in College & College Life | +36 votes | 17 comments
Unfortunately, many people tend to be reluctant readers and the consequences can only have the effect of impacting negatively on a wide range of life, including the ability to converse and write meaningfully and intelligently. The stark reality is though, not only should EVERYBODY be reading, no exceptions, but to be effective, it must form part of a continuous and growing process. Modern needs dictate that either we keep up to date, or we become obsolete.
Published by Colin Dovey 110 months ago in Adult & Job Skills Education | +36 votes | 20 comments
ItÂ’s not uncommon today for people who have been in the workforce for many years to shift careers, even in the midst of an economic downturn. ItÂ’s simply a matter of choosing a career that is in demand and/or one that is more fitting for oneÂ’s interest.
Published by Donata L. 93 months ago in Career Changes | +35 votes | 14 comments
Undeclared? If youÂ’re about to become an incoming freshman, perhaps you have not decided what you want to major in yet. are not alone. Keep in mind that this is true for most incoming freshmen.
Published by Donata L. 96 months ago in College & College Life | +35 votes | 15 comments
Published by Amanda Bradbury 131 months ago in Unusual Careers | +35 votes | 8 comments
If you are thinking about entering college for the first time, or if you are planning on returning back to school, you really should choose a learning institution that concentrates in the field of your desired career major, affordable, and is accessible..
Published by Donata L. 93 months ago in College & College Life | +34 votes | 9 comments
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